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hands-woman-apple-desk_250x250Every day we have posts coming up on Facebook encouraging us all to change our lives for the better.

We see positive quote after positive quote filling us with happy thoughts that allow our minds to stretch, forcing us to think and most importantly believe that we too can become a better person. To become more successful, to get a better job, to be a better parent, to be better to our own parents.

And along with the positive quotes, we see so many photos of happy families. Families on holidays, mornings spent in cafés and sunny days on the beach.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t disapprove of these posts, nor do I think they are a waste of time; on the contrary, I find many of them inspiring. The photos of happy families make me smile; however, I think it is important to remember that nobody is perfect, nor are their lives. Don’t compare yourself to others and how they live, let their pictures drive you to change … but only if you want to.

People are capable of great things, the mind is powerful, if only we all knew exactly how to harness that power and use it. Social Media is big and it’s here to stay. Let’s teach our children to admire other peoples’ achievements, not envy them, to use them to strive to do better. To understand that everyone has a cross to bear and that what people post on Facebook is not the whole picture, but hopefully allows us to understand the world just a little bit etter.

Don’t always follow others. Don’t try to make every positive quote or mantra yours. Make today the day that you create your own.

Do you have your own mantra?

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  1. Katie Jacobson

    27 June 2016 at 9:07 pm

    In life there are both stepping stones and stumbling blocks, the only difference is how you use them. Heard it once and live by it xxx

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