autumn time for changeAfter a brief hiatus and an awful lot of soul searching…I’m back!

And what better time to come back than the beginning of Autumn; the time of change.

First comes the turning of the Autumn leaves. The colours so warm and inviting before the starkness of Winter arrives, and that season bringing with it the calm before the new growth of Spring.

Through my soul searching and reassessing of my life over the recent months, like the trees in Autumn, I have begun to strip back the layers and change.

For me, 2016 was a big year! I had some amazing personal triumphs – does everybody remember my first book coming out! Yet I also had some huge challenges that left me questioning my priorities and really asking myself, “What really matters? What do I need to learn? What is it I really want to do with my life?”

Even before the trees have had their chance to lose it all, through all of this I have found myself feeling quite bare. I have purposely left myself raw…and open to change.

Now this blog is not meant to be all doom and gloom! On the contrary, I am moving forward and am ready to change my outlook on life!

The changes in Autumn will be my time to lose my fears and inhibitions, to trust in my abilities and push forward with my plans.

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. I didn’t get up on the first day of 2017 promising to change all of my bad habits and become a new and improved person. And I didn’t blog it to the world either!
My reality was that I had to face my fears and overcome them. But first I had to understand exactly what my fears were; only then could I truly begin to move forward.

I know I can’t do everything – or at least not all at once – so I am going to stop trying to.

Whether you reply to this blog or simply ask yourself, I invite you to consider whether Autumn is the time for you to make a change too? What changes are you going to make? What does the pared back version of you look like? What will your new direction be?