Nicole & Brett kissing at wedding with pink gerberas11 years ago tomorrow (25th June 2005) I went on a blind date. I had split from my first husband and was in the middle of ending what was (looking back) a terrible relationship.

Mutual friends of both myself and my date arranged for us to go out for dinner and – more importantly – agreed to come along as well, which considering I had not been on a date for 8 years was an absolute deal breaker! Either they came along, or I wasn’t going!

I was horrendously nervous. Butterflies the size of small birds were wreaking havoc in my stomach! What was I doing? I had not even seen a photo of this guy!

Now I will not describe in detail the night from start to finish. I think by me pointing out the fact of 8 years between dates tells a pretty good story on its own, needless to say it was one full of trepidation, excitement, and more than a few standard questions, like so, what do you do for a living? Do you have any brothers or sisters?  … I think you get my point!

Coming out of my previous relationship I was incredibly hurt. I had lost pretty much every ounce of my confidence and had become extremely distrustful of the opposite sex!

But, I took a leap of faith and jumped in with both feet! I made the choice to trust my friends’ judgement – and although I didn’t realise it then – decided to put some trust in the Universe too.

Now for me, this leap of faith well and truly worked out. I was incredibly lucky to meet someone that turned out to be a great match for me. Not that it has always been smooth sailing, especially in the beginning of the relationship. We both had trust issues (he had also been married before) and certain expectations of each other, but we talked A LOT … and we listened to each other.

I read so many articles that mention having the perfect life which includes – of course – having the perfect partner. Well sorry to burst the perfect bubble, but all of this perfectness doesn’t exist. It all needs hard work and most importantly trust.

So if you are still looking for your Mr or Mrs Right, don’t expect the puzzle to fit together all at once. It takes time to piece it all together. Don’t base your expectations on the advice presented to you in the latest get your perfect life Blog. Think about what you want and be prepared to work on your puzzle.

Trust the Universe – even if it’s just a little – who knows what it might deliver.

(PS: Last month was our 8th wedding anniversary 🙂