hanging hearts to liveThis morning I cried!

As I sat with my morning coffee and watched the news, ushering my children out of the room as pictures of people running for their lives from yet another crazed person with a gun who opens fire. At, of all places, a McDonalds restaurant. Parents with their children, young people, elderly … people from all walks of life enjoying something to eat, chatting; living their lives. And one person decided to take it upon themselves to disrupt this scene in the most heinous way … by killing.

I burst into tears and left the room. Knowing that innocent children had been shot and killed, others injured … so many people terrified beyond belief.

My poor husband then had to listen to me rant about everything that I was feeling. Had to listen to me telling him that these sorts of things are happening all too often and that as a mother it scares the hell out of me! That it makes me feel like I just want to stay in my house! Hide away from the world. He understood my emotions and listened, but also pointed out that the world is not all bad.

I will admit to anyone that I dwell on the negative more often than I should. That I take on board so much of what the media feeds the public. That I choose, too often, to see more of the bad in the world.

It is a fact that there is so much violence and hate in the world, people that want more than anything to inflict terror and harm onto others. But you know what – and I am telling myself this too – there is also a great amount of good.

I could list all of the cliché images, like beautiful gardens, sunsets, ocean views, and the amazing colours of Autumn leaves. But really, all I need to point out is the beauty staring us in the face every day. The wonderment in our children’s faces. The way they light up when you, their parent walk into a room after being out at work all day. The way they look once again like our babies while sound asleep. The person sitting across the table, whether it be your partner, someone close, or someone new, warmth, curiosity, and excitement in their eyes. Or simply meeting friends for a coffee and a chat.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. The world is now small. With the internet and social media, as well as travel options becoming faster and more varied, it is becoming easier to see, do, and be anywhere, which can be scary, but also great.

We all need to turn off the bad more often and look for the good … including me.