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Month: June 2016

Trust the Universe

Nicole & Brett kissing at wedding with pink gerberas11 years ago tomorrow (25th June 2005) I went on a blind date. I had split from my first husband and was in the middle of ending what was (looking back) a terrible relationship.

Mutual friends of both myself and my date arranged for us to go out for dinner and – more importantly – agreed to come along as well, which considering I had not been on a date for 8 years was an absolute deal breaker! Either they came along, or I wasn’t going!

I was horrendously nervous. Butterflies the size of small birds were wreaking havoc in my stomach! What was I doing? I had not even seen a photo of this guy!

Now I will not describe in detail the night from start to finish. I think by me Continue reading

Take the Time

Nicole & Kids HandsAs I watched my four year old daughter playing – chatting away to herself, thoroughly enjoying her make believe world, it hit me – the next year as my youngest approaches the age of five these moments will slowly begin to disappear.

She will start to spend more time at Kindergarten and less time at home. She will become more aware of the world around her and less aware of the make believe ‘bubble’ toddlers are so fascinated in. She will get through Kindergarten and get closer and closer to taking her first big girl steps through the school gates.

As Mothers we get tired. We get frustrated, especially during the baby years. There are fantastic times and there are trying times! There are moments you feel Continue reading

It’s up to You!

hands-woman-apple-desk_250x250Every day we have posts coming up on Facebook encouraging us all to change our lives for the better.

We see positive quote after positive quote filling us with happy thoughts that allow our minds to stretch, forcing us to think and most importantly believe that we too can become a better person. To become more successful, to get a better job, to be a better parent, to be better to our own parents.

And along with the positive quotes, we see so many photos of happy families. Families on holidays, mornings spent in cafés and sunny days on the beach.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t disapprove of these posts, nor do I think they Continue reading

Welcome to my new website

Nicole Dashwood

Nicole Dashwood

Mum ● Wife ● Dancer ● Author

This is the start of the adventure, so I will be adding more soon.

Please bookmark the site and come back.  If you would like to be kept up to date with more of my writing exploits, drop me a note by emailing


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