Novels need a lot of time and care, to create a story that flows and draws the reader in. We cover genres including Teenage, Romance; Crime. We can give the time needed to polish your story.

Children’s Books

Are you a Children’s writer? Let us edit your book and help to make it the story every child wants to read.

Short Stories

Short Stories if edited correctly can become a BIG story. Let us help make this happen.

Poems and Prose

Poems are a particularly personal form of writing. We will edit your work but be sure to keep the artistic integrity within the poem.

Personal Essays


Biography & Autobiography

Telling your own story or telling someone else’s is an important job. We understand the importance and will do our best to create an interesting and truthful read.


Do you have a travel book filled with beautiful photos or travel brochures and you need beautiful descriptions to go with them? Let us bring your photos to life.

Articles, Blogs, and Social Media

Whether lifestyle, parenting, or another area of expertise, you need to get your message crafted correctly and succinctly.

Direct Mail & Email Marketing

Whether printed or electronic, just like Blogs and Social Media, crafting the correct message succinctly is of paramount importance when developing your marketing communication.  But before this, people need to want to open it.  Whether through value, excitement, or sheer curiosity, once people open your envelope or email, they need to see the value for them immediately, otherwise it gets deleted very quickly, or simply deposited in the round filing cabinet in the corner!

Don't let your marketing dollars end up in the bin with your marketing communication piece.  Get it written right from the start!

Love Letters

Do you have feelings that you know you need to get out, but can't seem to get them down in writing correctly?