bird-aqua+blue-eatNicole Dashwood is a Professional Editor and emerging Author, as well as an experienced Dancer and Choreographer…and a wife to one and a mother to two.

She writes pieces for herself and others covering both Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Expanding on her writing services, Nicole commenced professional editing while studying for her Bachelor of Professional & Creative Writing degree at Deakin University.  She fell in love with editing because of the way she can help craft the stories of others to effectively convey their story, while maintaining their unique voice.  She has professionally edited dozens of published pieces for numerous authors, who cross various cultural and demographic backgrounds.

Nicole started dancing at 5 and after passing exams with honours and qualifying as a qualified dance teacher, became a professional dance teacher and choreographer, including founding and running TOP HAT Dance Academy for 7 years. See more about Nicole’s Dancing experience here.

Having always dreamed of being an Author, and after decades of dancing, Nicole decided to go back to school and study writing properly. She writes from the heart. Her stories are filled with romance, intrigue, and personal journeys. Nicole is a part of all that she writes.